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Spells & Abilities

General Info

Spells and abilities are essential for players to succeed in Lemuria.
Players can cast spells that heal, damage, and enhance.
Some spells cannot be used while in combat.

Spell Cards

Players will be able to utilize magic inbued spell cards to perform special abilities.
Each time a spell it cast, it consumes a charge of the spell card. When the spell card runes out of charges it turns to dust.
If a player runs out of corresponding spell cards, then the spell can no longer be cast.
New Players will receive a common NFT spellcard for the most basic spells. NFT spellcards have infinite charges.
Spell cards can be found by monsters who use the spells or crafted by spellcrafters.
The Galaxy of Lemuria’s skills and abilities are broken down into (3) categories:
  • Classless
  • Class Specific
  • Passive