Game Economics

Supply & Demand of NFTs:
  • Character NFT population growth is one of the major factors within the TGOL ecosystem, the same will apply to equipment, items, cosmetics, space explorers, pets, guild tokens, and planets with limited editions. Varying rarities playing a factor in what will drive the overall value.
  • Prices will be determined around the overall inflation rate based on current supply and demand.
Long Term Growth:
  • Add utility through gameplay content such as questing, exploration, dungeons, raids, and home bases through planets, which increases their overall value in the metagame.
  • PvP competitive gameplay will stimulate overall demand to have the best possible optimal items and equipment available to compete and have fun.
  • Being able to show off your unique cosmetic options to friends and enemies alike, which will promote and increase demand for those who wish to represent themselves at an elite level or just have fun.
Start-Up Economy
  • In the beginning, the TGOL economy will be dependent on growth and new players.
  • New players require a character NFT to get started, character prices will be determined by the overall demand from prospectors.
Overall Outlook:
We hope that players see TGOL as a fun, engaging, immersive gameplay experience with a social community to meet friends. We foresee players and investors alike enjoying both the gameplay and economic aspects. We are driven to be community-driven orientated and do right by our player base.
Other types of value that TGOL players will gain through their journey:
  • Collecting schematics to build according to the imagination.
  • Exploring the beautiful procedurally generated planets.
  • Making friends and joining guilds.
  • Learning how to utilize new technology as we venture into the future of blockchain.