It all began when a curious boy arrived at his new home…
Located within the basement was a very strange card, and upon this unique card was a phrase: 'Galaxy Portal'. Then, without warning, it seemed to be activated by an unknown source. To his surprise, the child had been teleported to Lemuria, a faraway galaxy housed within a distant supercluster.
Cards like this were spread all over the world. Due to other portals appearing all over the planet, many others became lost there as well. Unfortunately, these new inhabitants are unaware they had arrived in a cursed galaxy. Every now and then, the galaxy’s energy just dies out, and in these times of this cursed darkness, the savage monsters that inhabit the galaxy become even more dangerous.
It is unknown if a celestial deity or magic from the distant past is the cause, but no matter, the lack of light gives these beasts their new-found energy. In order to survive these foul creatures, you must create your own energy source. The way you play your hand will determine if living is in your cards.