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Inventory System

Example - Inventory System

Inventory System

All players will receive a standard magic chest inventory system when entering the game and progressing through the story.
Each magic chest inventory system contains (50) slots for players to fill their chest up with whatever they choose like equipment, consumable items, materials for building, etc.
If a player's inventory is full they will not be able to store items inside that magic chest and will need to either break down or sell items in order to open up more space.

Cosmetic Variants

Different variations and cosmetic versions of the magic chest inventory system exist some can be crafted with in-game resources and materials, while others will be made available in the future.


Players will be eligible to upgrade their magic chest inventory to allow for additional slots which will require in-game resources.

Non-NFT / NFT Versions

Players will be eligible to purchase NFT inventory system versions such as:
  • Crystal Magic Chest - Cosmetic Variant. (NFT Limited Edition) (Adds 10 slots to inventory)
NFT Versions will consist of limited edition quantities. These magic chest NFT versions are represented as Non-Fungible Tokens and can be freely traded by players.


All systems may not be available all at once, details and further announcements will come in the future.