Space Explorers

General info

Rarity Per Unique Space Explorer
Player Owned
Total Supply
500 - 1000
250 - 500
1 - 50
  • The Galaxy of Lemuria will consist of limited edition quantities and perks for specific rarities of space explorer NFT classes rare and above. These space explorers are represented as Non-Fungible Tokens and can be freely traded by players.

NFT Space Explorer Benefits

  • Able to harness cosmic energy for propulsion and have no need for normal fuel, always maintaining the fuel speed buff.
  • Only take durability loss when taking damage and take much less durability loss than non-NFT explorers do for the same damage.
  • Can utilize warp fuel for warping around the galaxy.
  • Can be rented out or offered in the Taxi System.
  • Faster and have more seating capacity than their non-NFT counterparts.
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