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Bases of Operation

Example - Building A Homebase

General Information

Players can build a living breathing ecosystem within their planet using resources.
Players can purchase and recruit NPCs to bring to their planet, such as trainers - Blacksmith, Alchemist, Leatherworker, Fisherman, and even Guards to watch over and defend the base.
Regular citizens will begin to emerge within each stage of evolution.
Players will have the freedom to build out housing, shops, and other places of interest, based upon available schematics, and adequate resources.
Players will have the freedom to build out defensive and military-based building resources that can be leveled up and explored to defend the Homebase and prepare to wage war against other enemy Homebase planets.

Stages of Evolution

  • Village (less than 10 NPCs)
  • Town (more than 25 NPCs)
  • City (more than 50 NPCs)
  • Kingdom (more than 100 NPCs)


All systems may not be available all at once, details and further announcements will come in the future.