Building Schematics

General Information on building schematics can be found at:

How NFT schematics differ from non NFT schematics

  • Players will be able to Buy, Sell and trade for cosmetic NFTs in the marketplace or purchase building schematic NFTs with rarity.
  • All building schematic rarities will be available in-game via quests & achievements, drops from monsters or bosses, and some will be offered to be purchased.
  • Building schematic NFTs have extremely limited quantities available and will offer unique visual items and types of props and assets for players who wish to stand out among their peers, or just have fun.
  • Some building schematics will have limited usage and once used up will be gone forever, while some others may have a cooldown associated with usage.
Rarity Per Unique Building Schematic
Player Owned
Total Supply
500 - 1000
250 - 500
1 - 50
How NFT schematics differ from non NFT
  • Certain Rarities of schematics will only come in NFT form
  • NFT Schematics will require less resources to build
  • NFT Schematics will start off at a higher structure level than non NFT Schematics.
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