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PvE Elements

General Information

Each planet will have various types of creatures that inhabit different terrain ecosystems, the type of creature will be dependant on the rarity of the corresponding planet.
Creatures that inhabit each planet can be 1 of 3 categories - friendly, neutral, or hostile.
Friendly creatures can help speed up and grow resources faster to provide additional or new rare materials for players to utilize in crafting or unique items such as cosmetics and equipment.
Neutral creatures will not help not be hostile, however, players can spend resources and complete quests to gain favor/reputation.
Hostile creatures will attack players on sight and may periodically wage war against other races of creatures that inhabit the planet.
Hostile creatures may attack the player's home base during periodic intervals.
Questing / Gaining Favor
Daily quests become available at neutral reputation/favor with each type of creature race.
Quests often are easy to start with and will scale in difficulty as player reputation increases for completing desired tasks.
Evolution & Expansion
Each race ecosystem will start primitively and scale based upon planet rarity.
Over time, races will evolve and grow within their ecosystem, become more civilized/advanced and expand their territory.


All systems may not be available all at once, details and further announcements will come in the future.
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