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Land / Planets

Exploring Different Planets

General Information

In The Galaxy of Lemuria players will find a lot of Planets. The Planets can be upgraded over time using different resources and crafting ingredients that can be acquired while playing the game.
The Players will be able to purchase a Planet. The Players will be able to level up their planets, rent land, have a guild, and provide taxi service to other players.
The Planets will have a specific rarity and size, and each planet will provide resources and materials such as ore, wood, stone, herbs, crystals, and more based upon overall rarity.
Planet-holders will have first rights to any resources that spawn on their planet.
Different types of terrains will co-exist within each planet, depending on overall planet size and rarity. Examples include forests, deserts, wetlands, artic, mountainous, lava, dark, wastelands.

The Galaxy

Lemuria will initially consist of 15,000 procedurally generated planets. These planets are represented as Non-Fungible Tokens and can be freely traded by players.
Planet Rarity
Player Owned
Total Supply


All systems may not be available all at once, details and further announcements will come in the future.