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Play and Earn Elements

General Info

Owning a planet will grant players many advantages in the game. Due to the nature of blockchain gaming, these advantages can directly increase a players ability to earn while playing.
Planet owners will be able to rent out the entire planet or plots on the planet.
If you own a planet or rent land on it, then you are considered a resident of the planet.
Developing a planet into a desirable home world can be a very lucrative strategy.

The following advantages apply to planet residents, while they are on their planet:

  • Gain extra experience while on a planet you own or rent land on.
  • Have increased chance to find crystals while on your planet.
  • Gain extra resources from nodes.
  • Stats boost.
  • gain bonuses at crafting structures.

Other benefits are

  • The ability to construct crafting, resource, and defense structures in special zones. - see
  • Access to private dungeons.
  • Gathering structures can yield resources that are exclusive to those.
  • Crafting Structures are necessary to craft certain items.
  • Quests offered to residents yield increased rewards.
  • A fully developed planet can offer much more area to farm higher level and rarity monsters.
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